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Douglas J. Casa
Professor, Department of Kinesiology
Director, Athletic Training Education
Chief Operating Officer, Korey Stringer Institute
Research Associate, Human Performance Laboratory

My life has been shaped by an event that occurred in 1985. While running a 10K race on the track in Buffalo, New York, on a very hot day, I collapsed on the last lap due to an exertional heat stroke. My ambition since regaining consciouness in the hospital has been to conduct research and provide education that could enhance our understanding of this potentially deadly condition. In April 2010 I joined forces with Kelci Stringer (the widow of Korey Stringer who died from heat stroke in 2001 while playing in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings) to form the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) at the University of Connecticut ( The mission of the KSI is to provide education, advocacy and resources to try and prevent sudden death in sport, especially as it relates to exertional heat stroke.

•Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 1997

•M.S. University of Florida, 1993

•B.S. Allegheny College, 1990

Contact Information: 

Gampel - 216

Phone: (860) 486-3624
         : (860) 486-0265
Fax: (860) 486-1123


Mailing Address:
Department of Kinesiology
Neag School of Education
2095 Hillside Road, U-1110
Storrs, CT 06269-1110

Current Courses Taught:

EKIN 5512 Preventing Sudden Death in Sport

EKIN 292 Emergency Procedures in Athletic Training


National Athletic Trainers' Association Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, 2013

University of Flroida Hall of Fame Inductee, 2012

The Medal for Distinguished Athletic Training Research, National Athletic Trainers' Association, 2008


Chief Operating Officer, Korey Stringer Institute

Section Editor, Journal of Athletic Training

Editorial Board, Journal of Sport Rehabilitation

Editorial Board, Current Sports Medicine Reports

In the News:

The Washington Post, July 2010

New York Times, June 2010

New York Times, April 2010

ESPN, April 2010

New York Daily News, April 2010

Sports Illustrated, April 2010

Los Angeles Times, April 2010

Areas of Expertise:

Exertional Heat Illnesses

Exercise & Heat

Fluid-Electrolyte Balance



Athletic Training

Elite Athletes

Heat Acclimatization

Dietary Supplements

Physiology - Environmental

Funded Research:

2010- Co-principal Investigator, Thermoregulatory responses of elite football players.

2010- Co-principal investigator, Influence of hyperthermia, hydration, and fatigue on balance.

2010- Co-Prinicpal Investigator, Influence of mild dehydration on cognitive function

2008-2011- Co-Investigator, The risk of exertional heat illness in interscholastic football.

2010- Co-Principal Investigator, Body Fluid osmolality during progressive dehydration.

2008/2009- Co-Investigator, Exploring Work-Family Conflict among high school athletic trainers.

2008/2009- Principal Investigator, Intravenous versus oral rehydration: Medical and performance considerations.

2008/2009- Principal Investigator, Appearance of D2O in sweat-oral ingestion versus intravenous administration.

2007/2008- Principal Investigator, Hydration attitudes, intake, and needs of youth female soccer players.

2007/2008- Co-Principal Investigator, Exercise heat tolerance with various football equipment ensembles.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Armstrong, L.E., E.C. Johnson, D.J. Casa, M.S. Ganio, B.P. McDermott, L.M. Yamamoto, R.M. Lopez, H. Emmanuel. The American football uniform: uncompensable heat stress and hyperthermic exhaustion. Journal of Athletic Training. 45(2):117-127, 2010.

Casa, D.J., L.E. Armstrong, R. Carter III, R.M. Lopez, B.P. McDermott, K. Scriber. Historical perspectives on medical care for heat stroke, Part 1: Ancient times through nineteenth century. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2(3):132-138, 2010.

Armstrong, L.E., A.C. Pumerantz, K.A. Fiala, M.W. Roti, S.A. Kavouras, D.J. Casa, C.M. Maresh. Human hydration indices: acute and longitudinal reference values. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 20:145-153, 2010.

Casa, D.J., G.P. Kenny, N.A.S. Taylor. Immersion treatment for exertional hyperthermia: cold or temperate water? Medicine and Science in Sports and Exericse. 42(7):1246-1252, 2010.

Yeargin S.W., D.J. Casa, D.A. Judelson, B.P. McDermott, M.S. Ganio, E.L. Lee, R.M. Lopez, R.L. Stearns, J.A. Anderson, L.E. Armstrong, W.J. Kraemer, C.M. Maresh. Thermoregulatory responses and hydration practices in heat-acclimatized adolescents during pre-season high school football. Journal of Athletic Training. 45(2):136-146, 2010.

Johnson, E.C., M.S. Ganio, E.L. Lee, R.M. Lopez, B.P. McDermott, D.J. Casa, C.M. Maresh, L.E. Armstrong. Perceptual responses while wearing an American football uniform in the heat. Journal of Athletic Training. 45(2):107-116, 2010

Mazerolle, S.M., I.C. Scruggs, D.J. Casa, L.J. Burton, B.P. McDermott, L.E. Armstrong, C.M. Maresh. Current knowledge, attitudes, and practices, of certified athletic trainers regarding recognition and treatment of exertional heat stroke. Journal of Athletic Training. 45(2):170-180, 2010.

Casa, D.J., R.L. Stearns, R.M. Lopez, M.S. Ganio, B.P. McDermott, S.W. Yeargin, L.M. Yamamoto, S.M. Mazerolle, M.W. Roti, L.E. Armstrong, C.M. Maresh. Influence of hydration on physiological function and performance during trail running in the heat. Journal of Athletic Training. 45(2):147-156, 2010.

Beasley, K.N, E.C. Lee, B.P. McDermott, L.M. Yamamoto, H. Emmanuel, D.J. Casa, L.E. Armstrong, W. J. Kraemer, C.M. Maresh. The effect of oral vs. intravenous rehydration on circulating myoglobin and creatine kinase. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 24(1):60-67, 2010.

Yamamoto, L.M., J.F. Klau, D.J. Casa, W.J. Kraemer, L.E. Armstrong, C.M. Maresh. The effects of resistance training on road cycling performance among highly trained cyclists: A systematic review. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 24(2):560-566, 2010.

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