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Dr. Joseph Renzulli
Raymond and Lynn Neag Chair for Gifted Education and Talent Development

Professor Joseph Renzulli is recognized around the world as an authority in the field of gifted education. His work focuses on the identification and assessment of gifted and talented students and the development of programming models used in both gifted and general classrooms for improving learning for all students. His Schoolwide Enrichment Model is used in school systems across the United States to revamp curricula, and his research has been adopted in many countries, including China, India, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, England, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Dr. Renzulli is a long-time faculty member of the Department of Educational Psychology and was selected by the University as one of its Distinguished Professors. He holds dual directorships at the Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development and the federally-funded National Research for the Gifted and Talented. He is the creator of Confratute, the nation's longest-running summer professional development program for teachers which has drawn nearly 20,000 educators to the UConn campus over its 28 year history. He also developed a three-week summer program for academically talented high school students called the UConn Mentor Connection. Now in its 10th year, the program is responsible for bringing nearly 700 participants to the campus where they work side-by-side with UConn faculty and graduate students.

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